About Us

The Pumpkin Patch Produce began in 2010 with 0.25 acres of land hand-planted with one thousand pumpkin plants that were then sold from the farm gate. After seeing how well-received they were by locals and passers-by we increased numbers for the following year…and the next! Here we find ourselves thirteen years later growing over twelve acres of pumpkins of over forty varieties. As well as various sizes of carving pumpkins, our crop has grown to include various culinary pumpkins and squashes alongside all manner of decorative gourds. Thankfully we no longer plant the pumpkins into the field by hand, although every seed is still hand-sown into its starter pot! Luckily, we’re not short of help and with four generations of the Butler family aged 2 to 92 getting stuck in to help with the growing and harvesting of each crop, we remain very much a family business.

We continue to sell a large amount of pumpkins and squashes from the farm where visitors can find displays of thousands of pumpkins with fantastic autumnal photo opportunities too; whether it’s to capture baby’s first Halloween or for that perfect Instagram shot.  We’re also proud to supply many local retailers such as farm shops, greengrocers, country stores and restaurants. 2016 saw us host our first Pick Your Own Pumpkin event which was a great success, despite the bad weather! We have continued to host Pick Your Own events over the last few years and will be holding several in 2023. We hope to see you there! Keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Instagram for updates and more.